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Chart of the Week: YouTube Dominates Video Viewing

More than 100 million Americans watched videos on Google’s video sharing site, YouTube, in January 2009, a month when Google-owned websites collectively served up more than 6.3 billion videos.

All told, Americans watched about 14.8 billion videos in January, or about 101 videos per U.S. Internet user, according to Internet tracking firm comScore’s Video Metrix service. Google’s share of total online videos viewed was 42.9 percent. Fox Interactive Media was a distant second with 3.7 percent, or about 552 million videos displayed to some 61.2 million viewers. In third place, Yahoo!-owned sites served up 374 million video views, or about 2.5 percent of the month’s total.

According to comScore, not only did Americans watch a lot of online videos in January, but they also spent more time watching them. The average U.S. online video viewer saw 356 minutes, or about six hours, of video in January, up some 15 percent from December 2008. While comScore did not speculate about what might be causing the growth in video viewing, it may have to do with Americans increasingly turning to the Internet for both news and video entertainment. For example, Fox Interactive Media’s numbers are almost certainly affected by the company’s online news service,, and its excellent video service. Adding to the total is, which specializes in delivering television shows and movies. In January 2009 Hulu garnered 24.4 million viewers who watched 250.4 million videos.

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